I’m EonLeader and this is my blog, Mariblog. As you might have guessed by the theme, Touhou is the prominent topic here. It will likely remain so for quite some time, seeing as I have a lot of thoughts on the series. You’ll be hearing from me about the games, the music, some print works, the doujins, some fanfiction, Gensokyo itself, the characters, and more. Oh, and a lot of fan art.

That said, this blog is not going to remain Touhou only. Since I do happen to play other games, I will eventually give plenty of my favourites a mention in that regard here as well. However, Touhou is also very much bundled into the general tag of ‘anime culture’, despite not having an actual anime. Still, you’ll be hearing more about other anime here, too. They won’t be as prominent until I really do run out of things to talk about with Touhou, though. Until then, think of them as ‘Outside World’ articles. See why I picked Maribel now? (Apart from her being one of my very favourite characters, obviously.)

I suppose I feel duty-bound to mention as well that, whilst it won’t be present in absolutely every post obviously, some NSFW is going to crop up here from time to time. I’ve got that sort of streak with Touhou as well, if I’m honest. If those posts aren’t your cup of tea at all, I can only apologise for that.

But hey, let’s stop talking now, shall we? You just want to get to my opinions. So I’ll let you do that now. Please enjoy.

Where to find me

  • Twitter – E0nLeader
  • Facebook – charlie.stevens3
  • Reddit – /u/EonLeader
  • Tumblr – EonLeader
  • Discord – EonLeader#2820
  • GTPlanet – C-ZETA
  • TV Tropes – EonLeader
  • Email – eonleader4@gmail.com

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