Artist: Ke-ta

NSFW within.

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No Touhou artist can make everyone quite as euphoric as Ke-ta can. Lots of people draw Touhous, sometimes nude, sometimes yuri, but Ke-ta does all of this – and never fails to make it beautiful. Not just to me, but seemingly to just about everyone. He is a rare breed of artist.

Not all of his art is actually nude, but it’s that art that gets him the most plaudits. That and the yuri that he has made, showing even more Touhou nudes. It’s harder to find a pic Ke-ta’s made where a girl isn’t popping a boob, or at least just plain showing it off. Mostly he gets the pussy in as well for good measure.

And unlike a majority of all artists – and certainly most Touhou artists – he does Touhou, and nothing else. So appreciating his work is all the more easy in that regard if you’re a fan of the series.

Having done Touhou on such a wide scale, it’s no surprise to find he’s done a number of its characters now as well. His latest works have come, unsurprisingly, from LoLK’s characters. His C90 work this year was based around them primarily, as well as the three fairies – featured in another comic with Clownpiece of late, of course.

Of course, him doing so many characters makes it hard to pick out the one he does best. But if you dig deep, you’ll find probably his clear favourite, and probably his best – Satori. He also later extended to do a series with her and Koishi as well. Check that picture of Satori in the slideshow I’ve posted. It’s just so perfect.

Ke-ta is also a little unusual in how he posts his work. While he does have a Pixiv, a lot of his work is reserved for his artbooks. Most of it has been scanned, and most of it is at a very absurd res. But that just makes you admire the beauty of his art even more. There’s just an inherent rightness to every part of the faces he draws, the bodies are always so magnificent, and even the hair he does is damn beautiful. And, as I’ve said, it’s not just me who thinks this. Everyone does, which means he must strike a chord with just about everyone. That’s a magnificent achievement, and shows what incredible ability he has.

Quite simply, if you haven’t checked out Ke-ta, you are missing out. Hopefully this has obliged you to look at some. That slideshow is really only the tip of the iceberg with his art. He’s done plenty of other pieces, so go check some of them out now!



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