Artist: Houtengeki

NSFW within.

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Houtengeki is a seriously popular artist these days, but not for the reasons you might expect. Previously a heavily Touhou based artist, he has now switched almost exclusively to his original characters, and he draws them remarkably often. He’s done an astonishing amount of art, dating back as many as 8 years ago now. And right from the start, almost all of it has had an element of sexiness to it.

Most of his art isn’t actually smut as such. Some of it is, but most of it is ecchi at its finest. If a girl isn’t showing his tits or arse off in one of Houtengeki’s pictures, something is wrong. And he manages to pull off some proper corkers. He’s done that a lot, having had so many goes at it.

As I mentioned, he started with Touhou for the most part, and of all its characters, Reiuji Utsuho is easily his most common, and his best as well. He pulls out all the stops when drawing her. He’s done a lot of characters at least once, but the others he’s done a lot of include Mokou, Reisen and even Yamame.

But of course, nowadays he keeps himself occupied with his many original characters – some thought up in the blink of one artpiece, whilst others have been recurring characters in his artwork for years now. The ones you’ll probably notice most are his elf girl, his maids and his Egyptian-like characters, Bastet and Anubis. His original characters all have a recurring theme of fantasy about them, old-school fantasy at that. Mostly, he tends to do monster girls.

And his collection art doesn’t stop there, for he has also done characters from a wide range of other series. He’s done plenty of Vocaloid art in his early days, and he gives little cameos to various series through some of his artwork. The variety of ecchi he has done is endless.

Houtengeki’s not the type to go out and sell his works that much. He’s not a doujin type, and while he does artbooks, he just sells them himself. He doesn’t do anything for Comikets or the like. He just does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And, of course, he does it all quite a lot. He’s not like a lot of artists who make you wait for their brilliance, Houtengeki has it constantly on tap. Perhaps that’s what’s made him so popular, quite apart from the sheer quantity of art he has.

But that art is also quality. Very high quality, some of the best ecchi you will find anywhere. He knows exactly what he’s doing with every piece of art, he’s never trying too hard to sell it. And he never goes to a stupid level with curves. It’s always the sort of level that everyone can quietly appreciate. For this, he deserves massive respect.

Pixiv, Twitter


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