Artist: DanteWontDie

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Some artists can bring the Touhou fanbase to their feet at the mere mention of their name. These are the sort who have risen to the top of the game. One of these artists who has risen to this kind of level, in my opinion, is DanteWontDie.

DanteWontDie is not like the majority of Touhou artists, and not just because he comes from China. He also posts much of his stuff, originally, on his DeviantArt page, though he does have his own Pixiv to hand where a lot of his stuff lands, eventually.

But there’s also a lot he has in common with most Touhou artists. Firstly, he’s the type to make its girls sexy. Not in the sense that he just does full on smut of them, though. He goes the whole hog with Touhou characters, putting them in completely alternate costumes, with his own distinctive style to them all, a style that looks bloody brilliant and sexy in equal measure. You can admire his art in more than one way, that’s for sure.

He doesn’t focus on one Touhou in particular, although he started out doing a lot of Youmu. But that just makes him all the better, because he’s done art of virtually all the fan favourites at some point. And every single time, he manages to make them look effing brilliant.

He’s not an absolutely perfect artist. Some, naturally, would say he swings too far towards the sexy, but that’s just a gut feeling. Also, he did have a habit of only drawing all his characters with one face. That’s something a lot of people noticed, but if you see his newest artwork, you can see he’s doing his utmost to change that up. It should see his drawings improve even more, and that can only be a good thing.

The great thing about the way he does all the characters, all at once, is that I don’t have a favourite character that he draws – because he seems to do all of them so, so well. So you can appreciate all of it, and all of them, even more. All this Touhou art comes under what he calls his ‘Touhou Illusion’ series, and it can be seen in its entirety right here.

But it’s not like he’s limited to just Touhou. Far, far from it, in fact. Touhou only makes up around half of his work. As you might have guessed from his username, Devil May Cry is something he does as well. His other more prominent series are humanised MLPs, if that’s your thing, and Warhammer as well. But he does far more than just that. His art in everything else can be just as good as what he does with Touhou, so give all his art a look.

It’s no surprise that Dante is so beloved by most, given the great quality of his art. Even aside from how attractive he can make so many characters look, the sheer coolness of all his art just makes it even better. There’s so much to Dante’s art that so many can enjoy. You might not enjoy it all, but there will almost certainly be something to admire from his now considerable amount of work. If you haven’t heard of him before, I certainly hope you have now.

His homepage, Pixiv, Twitter, DeviantArt


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