Artist: Cierra

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Here’s another artist who I found and love for doing one character above all others. Her name is Cierra, although I first knew her by her old name, Ra-bit. And what she does best of all is make Touhous look cute, and sometimes a little bit awesome at the same time.

The character Cierra does best of all is Alice. She’s got all different kinds of artwork of Alice and there’ll almost certainly be something within her work to please just about everyone. Of course, though, she’s not limited to just Alice. She often sticks her in pictures with other Touhou characters, and she can apply her magic touch of cuteness to a whole host of characters. Perhaps the most prominent after Alice would be the Scarlet sisters, who are also superb when drawn by Cierra.

It probably helps that Alice was one of my very favourites for quite a while. A bit like Reimu, she wasn’t someone I caught onto initially but over a later period she became even better than most of my initial favourites. I don’t care for her quite as much now, but I still think she’s a superb character. It helps that I also like Alice in Wonderland quite a bit as well. That’s probably got something to do with it.

And it’s not like Cierra’s art doesn’t go further than Touhou either. She’s got a couple of artworks for a number of series, actually. If you look amongst her most popular pictures, she’s got art for Sword Art Online, Ib, and Kagerou Project but to name a few. And she does original characters now and again, too.

She made an artbook for C89 too, La Quatre Saison. It consists entirely of Alice in another popular theme of hers – alternative costumes. She does those very frequently nowadays indeed with Alice. In any case, she just looks as sweet or awesome. I suppose I should say that, if the title didn’t give it away, it helps if you know French for the artbook. Sadly I do not. But some people reading this might do.

Cierra is someone I’ve followed for a while, and I’m glad to say she’s very much still a frequent poster of her art – a welcome factor when some of my favourites make me wait for some of their art. She remains the best artist I’ve seen of Alice, and she’s the kind of artist who appeals to everyone. She has made a great deal of art – go check some of it out.

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