Artist: An2a

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There are a couple of artists that most Touhou fans are guaranteed to have seen once, and An2a (pronounced Anna, because it’s actually ‘A(n squared)a’) is one of those. And why not. She happens to be just magnificent, not just with one character but with a whole range of Touhou characters.

Of all the characters that An2a has done, I believe the one that gets the most plaudits is actually her Sanae. And I won’t really argue with that. Her Sanae is very good all-round. In fact, that’s the story with all her characters, and her entire art. They’ve got a little something of everything in them, which probably explains why she’s such a popular artist. If you can do a little bit of everything, you are going to please more people than anyone.

That said, I don’t think she’s even the best Sanae artist I know. Nor do I think Sanae is necessarily her best character. It’s quite hard to decide who she does best of all, actually, but I think Marisa might be the best of them all. Just take a look at the last picture in the slideshow with Reimu. In that, Marisa is just perfect. It’s just how I’d see her, to be honest. This is a quality all great artists have; if their style of a character becomes how I see that character, they are the best at drawing them. In that regard, An2a achieves this with Marisa.

That said, you’d be foolish to skip over the rest of the pictures. Most of all, take a look at the picture of Yuuka – which remains my absolute favourite of her. Lots of pictures sold me on Yuuka but that one was definitely one of the most prominent. Only a handful of Yuuka pics get close to it.

And there’s yet more to An2a as well. Her Reimu is another highly notable one, one of the best possible representations of Reimu I know. She’s done some great drawings of Yukari too, even if the one seen in this slideshow seems to get thrown around absolutely everywhere. But really, you just have to appreciate An2a’s ability to make just about everyone in Touhou look good. She is absolutely superb.

Much of her art can be witnessed in her Petite Fatal artbooks. Otherwise, you’d struggle to find her art anywhere else, despite her Pixiv account. (Her Twitter isn’t even around anymore.) Still, if someone tuts at you asking where your source for her art is, you can shrug and say there isn’t one. That’s not so good actually. But at least you have an excuse. Unlike other artists who really should be sourced where it’s either the correct thing to do, or required. Don’t go without one, peeps. These artists work hard and if they’re brilliant enough for you to share, give them your credit. Certainly, someone like An2a should deserve some.




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